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I can tailor a multi-topic presentation to fit the needs and format of your meeting, symposium, or class.
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Regardless of the specific topic or project, every presentation includes plenty of information pertaining to developing a greater understanding of wood characteristics, cutting dynamics, and effective tool use. Handouts will be provided with useful information on cutting variables, project sequence, and important details regarding the effects that such factors as proper stance, material selection, sharpening, and RPM all have on form and surface quality.

  1. Effective Spindle Turning: Foundation skills in roughing, cutting cylinders, beads, coves, fillets, tapers
  2. Lathe set-up, adjustment, and modifications: getting the most from your machine and simple additions to expand its creative capabilities.
  3. Learning to Love the Skew – straightforward tips to help you understand and enjoy the virtues of this versatile yet frequently maligned tool. You will be surprised how easy the basic cuts can be once you understand the few critical factors involved
  4. On-Lathe Textural Techniques: chatter work, indexed embossing, spiraling, and other textures can add contrast and visual interest to your work
  5. Boxes & Lidded Containers: simple to complex - piston fit, friction fit, snap fit, “O”-ring fit
  6. Turning Miniatures –using, making, and modifying small scale tools for diameters under 1/2”
  7. Making Connections: quick methods for making accurate tenons / exploring component turnings. Includes information about accurate drilling on the lathe: center drilling, indexed drilling, deep drilling.
  8. Hand-Chased Threading- tips for fast and effective thread cutting- even in maple, walnut, & cherry
  9. Shear Scraping Techniques- for both spindle and side grain forms. Learn how to get smooth surfaces regardless of wood figure or grain direction.
  10. Refining Bowl Gouge Skills- techniques for effective rough out, shape refinement, and tear-out free surfaces.
  11. Altered Turnings: carving and abrasive shaping methods for discovering interesting new forms based on revealing cross section.
  12. Hollowing Techniques for small turnings: effective use of bent tools
  13. Multi-Axis Work: both faceplate and between centers
  14. Understanding Wood: - cutting & seasoning characteristics, figure, hygroscopic movement,
  15. Effective Sanding Strategies – reducing your surface preparation time.
  16. Refining Sharpening Skills- grinding & honing- both free hand and with jigs
  17. Tool Making: design, metalwork & handles, inexpensive bent hollowing tools with HSS tips, scrapers, specialty tools
  18. Design Development for Turned Work: drawing and design strategies, developing your imagination
  19. Production Strategies for Series Work: effective layout, sequence, set up and tool selection.